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Donate Now to Help Feed Orphans in Kenya

Many of the orphans in Kenya live outside the walls of orphanages

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Kenya has a rich and vibrant history and culture. Sadly, years of drought, poverty and conflict has led to a countless number of orphans and vulnerable children living without food, water or hope. We can change that and we should since all children are valuable regardless of where they live or their circumstances.

Unfortunately, A Child's Hope Int'l as well as other organizations that support orphans in other countries, are unable to ship much needed humanitarian relief supplies to Kenya because of restrictive policies within the country. At the same time, the children are waiting for help that is slow in coming. As a result, acute hunger, severe malnutrition and disease are taking the lives of many of these children.

Your tax deductible gift will be sent to responsible partners in Kenya who will use the funds to purchase food locally along with other basic life supplies needed for these children.