A donation of just $54 will produce a Hope Box™ with Good Food, Good Water and the Good News.

216 high protein meals, 100 gallons of clean water supplies, and the Challenge Good News newspaper.

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Orphans and vulnerable children need food, water, and other essentials for life every day.

A Child's Hope International meets these needs with our innovative Hope Boxes™, packed with high protein food, water purification supplies, and the Challenge Good News newspaper. These life saving Hope Boxes™ are helping 10,000 orphans a day - every day of the year to children locally, regionally and internationally.

Every donation of just $54, will provide one Hope Box™ conatining 216 meals, 100 gallons, as well as the Challenge Good News newspaper.

You can give with confidence knowing that over 90% of all donations go directly to program expenses associated with caring for desperate children here and around the world.

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