The Sack Hunger campaign is an innovative program to help hungry children in the greater Cincinnati area.

Each sack of rice will provide 500 high protein meals!

$5,957 raised

$10,000 goal

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Cincinnati, Ohio has the sad reputation of having one of the worst child poverty rates in the country. As a result of poverty, many children go to bed hungry and are undernourished.

Many times they receive products that may be popular (like chips, soda and snack foods) but are poor in nutrition.

Each 50 pound sack of rice you donate will become one of four important ingredients used to produce 500 high protein meals. You do not have to purchase the rice or go to the store. Just donate any amount here on this page and we will purchase the sacks for you. You will get a letter of donation and a year-end tax receipt as well. Hands Against Hunger™ high protein food contains 13 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals along with 6 dried vegetables creating a power pack of nutrition.

Besides that, you will enjoy the fact that your donation will help hungry children locally right here in our neighborhoods.

You can chose any amount including these donation examples:

* 1 sack for $16 makes 500 high protein meals

* 2 sacks for $32 makes 1000 high protein meals

* 5 sacks for $80 makes 2500 high protein meals

* 10 sacks for $160 makes 5000 high protein meals

* 1/2 pallets (21 sacks) for $336 makes 10,500 high protein meals

* 1 pallet (42 sacks) for $672 makes 21,000 high protein meals

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